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Our Specialty

Auto Radiator Co. has the tools and equipment to properly repair the many types and designs of radiators in use today. There are repairs possible on plastic tank radiators. However, the repair cost versus the cost of a new replacement radiator has to be considered to determine if a repair makes sense economically.

We service automotive, light truck, forklift, and other light duty industrial radiators. If your radiator is beyond repair due to collision damage, age/metal fatigue, or extensive rust or corrosion, we sell new complete radiators and new copper/brass radiator cores.

We also sell new aluminum radiators and accessories for specialty applications: muscle cars, street rods, and towing.

If you want to keep your older car or truck looking original, we offer U.S. made copper/brass radiator cores. A radiator recore utilizes the existing tanks and side brackets retaining the original look, factory stamping and numbering

Air Conditioning

We'll Keep You Cool

Auto Radiator Co. has been servicing and repairing a/c systems since 1964. We strive to accurately analyze a/c problems, and perform the needed repairs in a timely manner.

Determining the source of refrigerant leaks can be difficult, and requires experience, patience, and the proper equipment. We have very good results when it comes to finding those hard-to-find leaks.

For detecting leaks, we use both an electronic leak detector, and leak dye. The electronic detector "sniffs" for refrigerant fumes, and indicates a leak with a graduated series of flashing lights and an audible alarm. When using leak dye, it is first added to the a/c system. Then the a/c needs to be used for a few days or weeks, depending on the severity of the leak. A return visit is scheduled, and the a/c system is then gone over with a UV light to visually detect the "glow' of the dye.


We'll Keep You Warm

Is your heater performing poorly or no heat at all? These symptoms could be the result of a blockage in the heater core, failed thermostat, or malfunctioning temperature blend door actuator (most common causes). We are able to analyze and repairs these problems.

A clogged heater core may be corrected with a reverse flush of the heater core as well as a cooling system flush and fill with new antifreeze when needed. Sometimes, heater cores are clogged to the point where replacement of the heater core is required. We perform this service as well.

If a failed thermostat or temperature blend door actuator is the cause of poor heater performance, we replace those also (most models).

In cases where the heater core is leaking, replacement is required. Heater core replacement labor can vary considerably depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Give us a call for a price quote.


Always Important

We recommend your cooling system be flushed and new long life antifreeze installed every three years or 36,000 miles once the original factory fill has been changed. A yearly inspection is recommended. 

Other Services

We offer replacement of thermostats, belts, hoses, externally belt driven water pumps, blower motors, and cooling fans. We also sell new gas tanks, and repair leaks in metal car and light truck gas tanks (must be drained and removed from vehicle).

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